Published by Kroatiehrvatska on July 13, 2017

Coffee – The Best Drink To Begin Your Day With

We know about people who love to travel to different places just for the fun of enjoying their vacations and at the same time enjoy the beauty of nature being spread over the various spots. This is how we generally know about people who travel a lot to explore things. But have you ever heard of people traveling around the world just for the different tastes of the coffee bean? Sounding weird right? But believe it or not, there are people who really travel just to enjoy the different flavors of coffee.

You might think as to what is there in a coffee for it is the same anywhere and everywhere we go. If you are of this thought, then sorry, you are wrong. The ingredients might be the same but the method of preparation is definitely different. You will be amazed to taste some of the best flavors in the foreign countries. They generally take coffee without milk with the original flavor and taste. A wholesale coffee company in the UK is known for the different types of flavors they offer their customers. Like the tea plantations and factories, people are allowed to visit the coffee factories too and they serve their customers with their different products. This company especially in the UK is known for the best-tasting coffee and if you are a person who loves coffee, you should definitely visit this place for this is one of the best for coffees and do not make the mistake of missing this amazing spot.

For most of us, it is coffee that wakes us up from the bed. There are different flavors and varieties in coffee like cold coffee, mochas etc. And even this cappuccino is a variety from the coffee world which is the favorite drink of most of us.


Published by Kroatiehrvatska on July 11, 2017

My Trip to Koh Samui

Throughout growing up, I dreamed of seeing the world. So much culture, so many different people, so much food and so much to see and do! I knew that I had to get started sooner rather than later else I wouldn’t be able to fit it all in. What I didn’t expect though was to be so moved and humbled by a small group of islanders that live on a small island just off of the coast of Thailand, Koh Samui.

Whilst there, I spent much time with the locals, learning how to fish with their tools, speaking their tongue and playing with their children. They had such a great community and love for one another as well as the earth, that I decided to stay there for a whole year. Not my intention, but sometime you have to be prepared for plans to change.

My most memorable experience whilst living on that small island involved a forest and a huge storm. One of the local farmers had cattle that grazed on the edge of a plantation of sugarcane that bordered a large forest. The dry season was particularly harsh that year i remember hearing them saying. So much sun and so little rain, the forest floor was dry as a bone.

One night, a storm raged outside, it was like nothing I had ever experienced. Deafening claps of thunder, flashes lighting up the sky, I was truly in awe. The farmers I lived with though seemed anxious and worried. They had much more experience than I, and they knew that the conditions were just right for catastrophe.

They were so afraid that lightening would strike the forest and ignite the whole thing. The cattle were in perilous danger, but there was nothing we could do for them. We held our breath and prayed for the storm to pass.

As the night went on, the storm moved south, and dispersed over the sea. The next morning we assessed the damage, fallen trees, broken sugarcane, and the cattle? They looked like they had had a long night, but were in otherwise good health.
If you’re ever visiting Koh Samui, make sure to go to the south side of the island and ask for Michaela, everybody knows who he is. He’s lived on the island his whole life and as well as telling stories that will leave you wondering the meaning of life, he has advice for every situation. Truly the wisest man I know. Say hi from me if you ever do go!!…