Published by Kroatiehrvatska on November 4, 2018 ★ Featured

A Survival Guide to Safe and Healthy Travel

If you stay vigil while traveling to a new place you can safely enjoy your trip and your stay. To stay healthy and to stay safe during a travel all it takes is to be cautious about the food you eat and the accommodation arrangements you make. Avoid alcohol and drug misuse and other practices which might make you vulnerable particularly during a travel. If you are looking for help to combat drug addiction go to Besides these essential measures here are some tips to ensure that your health and safety are preserved during your travel –

Choose a good bag

Invest in a good quality travel bag and a strong and safe travel wallet. Use this wallet to carry your passport, ID proof, and your cards. Only carry those documents which are absolutely essential during a travel.

Keep a backup of your phone

Make a complete backup of your phone and note down the device IMEI number. This will help you track the phone in case you lose it. On your smartphone, have a responsive and reliable navigation app installed and also look for other apps that allow you to share your location with your family.

Double check the travel arrangements

Whether you choose a complete tour package or whether you make the commute and accommodation bookings yourself, look for the ratings and reviews about the travel agency or the accommodation you choose.

It is alright to indulge in your favorites but within limits

There might be local delicacies that you wish to try but they might not always comply with your diet routines. It is alright to indulge in your food cravings once in a while. But figure out ways to squeeze in a little amount of time for exercises. After you get back home after the vacation makes sure that you give your body a complete detox and get back on shape.…