Published by Kroatiehrvatska on January 20, 2018 ★ Featured

Eating Vegetarian Has Never Been Easier

I am a vegetarian and yes that is my problem:

Sometime in the year 2016, I turned voluntarily to vegetarianism because of the effect of a lecture that I had attended in India. Actually, it is imbecile to say that I became a vegetarian then but the seed of giving up on non-vegetarian had been sown long ago in school when my bestie in school who was a practicing vegetarian himself used to kindly carry an extra lunch box for me. I used to think that his mother made the yummiest of food in the entire cosmos and there he was gratefully doing all that he could for his friend! I so appreciate his kindness even today.

I was on and off into vegetarianism:

So, the problem is not that I detest people who have non-vegetarian food, no, that would be the naïve and immature thing to do but the real problem is that there isn’t really too many choices for people who want to eat vegetarian food outside.

I come back home from work and do my own food but on some days I just don’t want to enter the damn kitchen. It is times like that I wish there was more choice for tasty vegetarian food than the ones that I already know of.

Just how many times can you hit the same places?

It virtually becomes so boring that at the end of the day you just do not want to make it to the same places three-four times in a span of a month even. The ambiance and the taste are so familiar that you feel that it was better I cooked myself at home. It works for me better if I get to taste a wider variety and most preferably in new places.

Then, I come across this app that helps me locate vegetarian restaurants near me that taste great and I cannot tell you how elated I am at discovering this application. I think it is the best thing to have happened to me lately!…