Published by Kroatiehrvatska on May 18, 2018

Simple thing to remember when traveling with sex toys

When a couple is heading for a romantic getaway to get some intimate time together,  carrying along sex toys will add up to the fun.  Whether it is a butt plug or a vibrator there are thousands of varieties and kinds available in the market to cater to all your sexual fantasies.  The couple who are looking for quite adventurous toys can visit to check out the entire collection of sex toys and it is quite certain you will be in a dilemma of what to choose.  Wherever you are traveling you need to be careful while packing these sex toys. Below mentioned pointers will help you through.

Size does matter- Packing less obvious and smaller toys are safe bet while traveling so as not to draw unwanted attention from the security personnel in the airport.

Turn off all the electronic items- You need to ensure to turn off all the toys and remove the batteries. If the toy comes with a lock switch then you don’t have to worry as it will be safely turned off for the entire journey.

Best to keep the sex toys in check in baggage-  Whenever possible it is advisable to neatly pack all your sex toys in check in baggage so that you could escape the embarrassment of answering all the questions in the security check.  If you are not planning to check in your luggage, then do carry smaller toys packed neatly in the plastic bag.

Honesty is the best policy- If you are comfortable, honest and confident, the security personnel won’t be detaining you and questioning you unnecessarily. They have seen it all and it is not new to them.

Adhere to the airport rules- Do adhere to all the rules of flying.  You cannot carry big bottles of any form of liquid. Better to transfer it to smaller bottles and take it along with you when you travel.