Published by Kroatiehrvatska on February 16, 2018


If an employee does drugs it doesn’t mean that he is not a good person or will not be able to give his best to his profession. This is why all the employees want to pass the drug tests performed in the companies. The question we need to ask is does synthetic pee really work? Over time many methods are used to cheat in the urine test but synthetic urine has proven to be the best way. This is the most effective way to cheat a urine test because of which there are a lot of products to choose from which might be a problem. Choosing the right synthetic urine is important so that you do not get caught.

Choose The Right Synthetic Urine

  • Taking a urine test using synthetic urine has become a regular thing because of which drug testing labs are checking if the samples have uric acid which is contained in real urine. When you purchase the synthetic urine make sure to read the ingredients to see if it contains uric acid.
  • Another important characteristic that can lead to failure of drug test is the temperature of the synthetic urine. Normally 95 degrees to 100-degree Fahrenheit is the temperature of urine and having synthetic urine of the same temperature will give you success. There are some synthetic urine products that are offering temperature strips to measure the temperature and to maintain the temperature they are provided with pads that are used for heating.
  • Keeping a stock of synthetic urine is a good idea because you never know when you have to take the test. There is synthetic urine that has a long expiration date that can be used to store for years.
  • Choosing a genuine source to buy the urine is advised because there is some fake synthetic urine is as well.

You can shop for anything online and even read the product details and testimonials given by the users to understand which product will suit you the best. You can buy accordingly and get a negative result on urine drug test.