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Models and Agency's

Croatian Beauty   
Croatian Beauty
The nicest models from Croatia standing on this web site. This site is from the Skopactel group the also made the site www.crosingers.com The web site is in English.
Link: http://www.croatian-models.com
Tatjana Simic   
Tatjana Simic
Tatjana Simic was born on 9 june 2020 in Zagreb, Croatia. In 1979 she came to the Netherlands. She already did everything singing, acting and posing. Her part in Flodder always remains in our minds. She has also an record on her name 19 times in the Playboy. The web site is in Dutch.
Link: http://www.tatjana.com
Diana Juri?   
Diana Juric
This model is the look a like of Pamela Anderson. This beautiful Croatian IT-specialist appears every where as the double of Pam. The web site is in English and German.
Ljupka Gojic   
Ljupka Gojić
This site is from the top model Ljupka Gojic, she was born in Zagreb on 04 june 1982. The web site is in English.
Link: http://ljupka-gojic.tripod.com
Miss Universe Croatia   
Miss Universe Croatia
This site is about the selection for Miss Universe Croatia. The web site is in Croatian.
Link: http://www.miss-universe-croatia.hr
Nives C   
Nives °C
Site about the model Nives °C. The web site is in Croatian.
Link: http://www.nivescelsius.de
Nina Moric   
Nina Moric
Nina Moric (born July 22, 2020) is a Croatian model. She was born in Zagreb, Croatia's capital, into an upper-middle class household. She was studying to be a lawyer with the encouragement of her parents, a doctor and an economist, when she turned to modeling after winning the 1996 Croatian Elite "Look of the Year" modeling competition then placing third at the world pageant. While working in Los Angeles in 2000, she was cast in Ricky Martin's hit music video, Livin' La Vida Loca. That same year, she released her debut single as a singer, but due to its lack of success, an album was never produced. She was also pursued by Jim Carrey as the female lead to a sequel for the 1994 film The Mask, but negotiations fell through and Carrey eventually left the project. She has since appeared on numerous international covers of men's magazines like Maxim. After a stint in the United States, she moved to Italy and became well-known there, continuing her modeling and working as a television correspondent. She played in the video clip from Ricky Martin "La vide loca".
Suzy Models   
Suzy Models
A model agency that is made by Suzy Josipovic in 1989. There are established in Zagreb. The web site is in Croatian.
Link: http://www.suzymodels.com
Vlatka Dragic   
Vlatka Dragic
This site is from the model Vlatka Dragic, she was born in Zagreb on 27 december 1985. This pretty Croatian girl is living and working in Australia. The web site is in English.

Fashion house in Zagreb, this company exist about 10 years. One of there very famous customers is the Croatian singer Vesna Pisarović. The site is in Croatian.
Link: http://www.elegance.hr
Jadran Carape   
Jadran Čarapa
Jadran Čarapa is established in 1930. They are specialized in the making of socks and panty hose. The site is in Croatian and English.
Link: http://www.jadran-carapa.hr
Boutique in Zagreb, they are selling very nice wedding dresses from famous designers. The web site is in Croatian.
Link: http://www.sposa.hr
Vikon Shardy
Vikon Shardy is a factory who made and sells lingerie. The site is in Croatian.
Link: http://www.vikon-shardy.hr
Vis Konfekcija
This factory is standing in Varaždin, here they make there own brand clothing "CroDel". This product the sell in more country's in the world. The site is in English and Croatian.
Link: http://www.vis-konfekcija.hr
Zlatarna Pavlicevic   
Zlatarna Pavličević
This jeweler is in Zagreb, the exist from 1930. Here You can buy nice golden jewels. The site is in Croatian and English.
Link: http://www.zlatarna-pavlicevic.com

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