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Advertising on KroatieHrvatska

"Your quality sells itself!"

There's a lot to say about this; Croatia is a beautiful country which has a lot to offer to tourists. Not only does it possess a rich culture, history and nature, but also a extraordinary array of apartments, holidayhomes, hotels and campings.
For all these "qualities" to be sold, they have to be discovered first. Holland's most visited site about Croatia can help you with this.

How to raise the odds of being discovered?

You probably already have an offer which is completely a good deal, but just doesn't have the little edge to break through. Maybe your occupancy can rise a tad more on short term and you are too much of an entrepreneur to let a chance like this slip away.
www.kroatiehrvatska.com offers you the possibility to let your propositions be known by tens of thousands of new customers. Many tourists in Croatia were very content about the "qualities" and returned next year.

How valuable is www.kroatiehrvatska.com for you?

Before we make you a special offer, there are a few things you should know:
  • The number of visitors from Holland rises every year
  • Dutch visitors spend big
  • With www.kroatiehrvatska.com you reach a lot of new customers
  • Advertising on www.kroatiehrvatska.com is affordable
  • You will be found more quickly
Let www.kroatiehrvatska.com promote your hotel, apartment, camping and/or company by advertising in newspapers, magazines and on the internet.

You can advertise in three seperate ways:

1. Tekstlink

Format: Hyperlink in four languages (Dutch, French, Croatian, German) Order of hyperlinks is: alphabetical ascending

Example Tekstlink: ClickyTekstlink

Price: 25 per year.

Do you want to place this advertisement? E-mail us.

2. Subpage advertisement

Format: text with a maximum of 300 words (Dutch, English, French, German), photo, picture of location on map, ten extra photos in the photoalbum, address information and a hyperlink to the website. Order of advertisements is: alphabetical ascending

Example Subpage advertisement: ClickySubpage advertisement

Price: 75 per year.

Do you want to place this advertisement? E-mail us.

3. Menu Advertisement

Format: Height from 25 to maximum 150 pixels, width 100 pixels including hyperlink to website. The advertisement will be shown on every subpage on the entire website. One advertisement therefore has an optimal reach.

Example Menu Advertisement: ClickyMenu Advertisement

Price: 150 per year.

Do you want to place this advertisement? E-mail us.

4. Terms of payment

Advertisements should be paid by order. You can pay per bank, paypal or cash.

5. Terms of service

Kroatiehrvatska has the right to deny any advertisement from the website without giving the reason. Kroatiehrvatska uses "Ethical advertising"

6. Disclaimer

Camping Diana & Josip, Croatia



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