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About us

We build this web site because we find Croatia breathtaking, the hospitable and friendly Croatians earn it that the whole world get acquainted with there magnificent country.
On 29 october 2020 we put for the fist time this web site on the inter net, with first aim to promote splendid Croatia. The first plan was to do this only in the Netherlands and Belgium but after a while we learned that lot more people have interest in Croatia (on this moment already visitors from more than 160 country's). Because of this we decided to build the web site in four languages.
Our second aim was and is to stimulate and promote tourism to Croatia. We try with our web site to bring Croatian from all over the world closer to each other, this we do for example with our forum with music and in three languages.
Also we give advise to Croatians, Dutchmen and off course other people who want to work on one way with the hospitable Croatians. This we do on the next way: translate from web sites, text, etc. in different languages, let Croatian employers advertise on an international web page and off course a lot more.
Do You want more information, do you have any questions, contact us.

A warm welcome everybody and we wish that You have a nice stay on our web site.

Camping Diana & Josip, Croatia



Villa Zagora, Croatia