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This island is located in Kvarner. It has an mediterrian climate. The first time they mentioned Rab was 400 year v C. The count of inhabitants of Rab still raises.
Link: http://www.rab.hr
The island Pag is the fifth biggest island of Croatia. Pag is famous because of their excellent cheap cheese, smoked ham, lace work and production of salt. Crystal clear sea, blue sky, cold fir-tree forests and good sport and recreative activities that makes that everybody feels welcome. This page is in Croatian, English and German.
Link: http://www.pag.hr
Brac is the highest island in the Adriatic Sea. Main activity on the island is tourism, fishing and agriculture. In the summer the average temperature is 24° C, in the winter it is 8,6° C.
Korcula is in the south of the Adriatic Sea. The island has more than 16.000 inhabitants. Sun and wine are always connected in the history of this island. This page is partly in English and partly in Croatian.
Link: http://www.korcula.hr
Hvar is famous for his fine and healthy climate, the smell from lavender and rosemary, the magic under water world and one of the nicest by nature painted landscapes in the Adriatic Sea. Hvar has a long tradition of organized tourism in Croatia. The page is in Croatian, Italian and German.
Link: http://www.hvar.hr
Lakes, streams, hills, fertile fields, meadows, woods and dense forests, numerous coves and inlets - sandy, pebbly, rocky, curative mud, a cave, old forest paths passing by archaeologic findings, kilometers of a seaside promenade, the bustling life of a summer day and the quietude of a secluded beach - there's a place for everyone seeking the sun or the shade of an ancient olive tree. Fifteen seaside settlements and seven tourist resorts offer accommodation in hotels (6 000 beds), private rooms/apartments (18 000 beds) and camping sites (12 000 units). The page is in Croatian, English, Italian and German.
Link: http://www.krk.hr

Islands 1185
Populated 67
Not populated 1118

Length from the Croatian coast:

Land coast 1778 km
Island coast 4012 km
Total 5790 km

Island bigger than 200 km²:

Surface Length from the coast
Krk 405,8 km² 189 km
Cres 405,8 km² 248 km
Brac 394,6 km² 175 km
Pag 299,7 km² 254 km
Korcula 284,6 km² 269 km
Hvar 276,0 km² 182 km

National parks

National parks and diverse protected areas:

Number Surface area in Ha
National parks 8 79.320 Ha
Kornati 30.120 Ha
Plitvice lakes 19.479 Ha
Waterfalls Krka 14.200 Ha
Paklenica 3.617 Ha
Mljet 3.100 Ha
Risnjak 3.014 Ha
Brijuni 2.700 Ha
North Velebit 10.900 Ha
Nature parks 6 317.502 Ha
Reserve 2 2.395 Ha
Special reserve 69 30.372 Ha
Nature reserve 72 82 Ha
Protected nature area 28 17.544 Ha
Forests and Parks 23 7.660 Ha
Sorts plants 44
Sorts animals 380

National Park Brijuni
Virgin Beauty Islands - The Brijuni islands are full with natural resources, archeological objects and culturally historic resources. The surface area is about 2.700 Ha and there are very nice holiday places, health resorts and the residence of the president. The climate is mild. The page is in Croatian and English.
Link: http://www.brijuni.hr
National Park Mljet
Mljet is called the green island. This island is lost in the open sea, also is it very difficult to reach this island. On this island there are a lot of salt water lakes connected with each other, there are also a lot of caves. This island has a special historic culture legacy. The page is in Croatian and English.
Link: http://www.np-mljet.hr
National Park Kornati
National Park Kornati lies in the central part of the Adriatic Sea. This national park exist out of 89 islands and rocks. The average year temperature is 16° C. Land and sea flora and fauna are very prosperous. The page is in English and Croatian.
Link: http://www.kornati.hr
National Park Krka
The river and the river bed Krka are in the county Šibensko Kninska. The well from the river Krka, can be found on the mountain Dinara nearby Knin, this river is full with waterfalls. In the National Park Krka there are about 860 sorts of plants. In the river there are 18 sorts of fish, a lot of mammals (18 sorts bats). Flora and fauna are very rich. The page is in Croatian, English, German and Italian.
Link: http://www.npkrka.hr
National Park Paklenica
National Park Paklenica lies in the area in the south of the Velebit, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. There are very nice canyons and caves. National Park Paklenica has more than 700 sorts plants. Fauna is very rich and varied. This park is also famous as mountaineers center. The page is in Croatian and English.
Link: http://www.paklenica.hr
National Park Plitvice
National Park Plitvice is one of the nicest Nature reserves in Europe, there are a lot of forests, lakes and little rivers. Very nice are the waterfalls and lakes. National Park Plitvice has rich flora and fauna. On the bridges in this park a lot people from the whole world get married. In the National park Plitvice they also make the movie "Winnetou and the treasure of the Silver lake", this movie is based on a novel from the famous writer Karl May. The page is in Croatian, English, German and Italian.
Link: http://www.np-plitvicka-jezera.hr
National Park Risnjak
This park lies in Gorski Kotar. In 1953 it became a national park. Almost the whole park is covered with forests. It has a rich flora and fauna. The site is in Croatian.
Link: http://www.risnjak.hr
National Park Velebit
This park exist out of fir and beech forests, very special is that here wolves and bears living in a wild area. This park is one of the symbols of Croatia. The site is in Croatian.
Link: http://www.velebit.hr

Nature parks

Nature Park U?ka   
Nature Park Ucka
This nature park is situated in Istria, between Lovran and Rijeka. The site is in Croatian.
Link: http://www.pp-ucka.hr
Nature park Papuk   
Nature park Papuk
This nature park is situated north of the city Pozega. The site is in Croatian.
Link: http://www.pp-papuk.hr
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